Templates2Go is a web-based software platform to create and modify beautiful digital signage presentations and export them to your simple digital signage USB-based device. We eliminate the need to hire graphics designers or use complex programs to generate your advertisements. Simply choose one of our pre-made, professional templates and plug in your own information. Alternatively, if you have some skill you can create your own from scratch.

Why Choose Templates2Go?

Templates2Go is so easy to use! It is the perfect choice for small scale digital sign implementation. Entry level users love the intuitive template editing software that functions much like programs that you may already use everyday. The “plug & play” functionality of Templates2Go is the right choice for businesses looking to modernize their announcements or advertisements, without diving in too deep with remotely managed content, scheduling or other advanced features.


Digital Signage Products

How Do I Display My Custom Digital Signs?

Templates2Go is proud to partner with the trusted online wholesaler, Displays2Go. D2Go supplies the hardware needed to start displaying your custom advertisements, including mini HD media players, digital signage advertising screens (from 22" to 55"), VESA compatible TV mounts for the wall or floor, smaller digital photo frames for advertising (19" & under), and even digital signage systems that include a stand, screen & player!