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Frequently Asked Questions



A. Sign Up! It’s that simple. Just create an account and you can start creating your own unique digital signs, or customizing any of the 90+ (and counting!) pre-designed layouts!

Q. What Is The Template Editor?

A. The template editor is a web-based software platform that allows users to create their own unique digital signs, or customize one of the free templates. Users have the ability to make their own "layout" with different "zones" for images, text, or a combination of both.

Q. What Is The Cost Of Each Template?

A. FREE! You do not have to pay for these templates, use them as your own! However, if you need hardware, like a media player or screen for playing your digital sign, please visit the digital signage category at our sister company, Displays2Go.

Q. What Types of Signs Can I Make?

A. The unique design of this template editor allows users to create eye-catching, multi-faceted signs, with combinations of text and images. The beauty of the template editor is that once you have finished creating your own or customizing any one of the free templates, the file is saved as a flat JPG image, so it can play on virutally any "plug & play" media player.

Q: What hardware do I need to play one of these digital signs?

A: You will need a computer with internet access to create or modify your layouts. You will need some type of monitor or screen to play the image, as well as a media player that supports JPG files and has a USB port. Finally, you will need a USB stick to save your completed JPEG template to plug into the media player.

Q: Do I Have To Use A Pre-Designed Template Or Can I Create My Own?

A: We offer pre-designed templates as a convenience to our customers that may not have the time, skill or budget to create their own unique digital sign content. That being said, the template editor software is designed for both customization of existing templates and creation of new templates! Feel free to play around making as many layouts as you'd like (within your account's storage quota).

Q: For Which Industries Do You Supply Templates?

A: We have totally free, customizable templates for many different industries, including, but not limited to: foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, education, churches, financial and more! Check back often as the selection of predesigned templates is always growing!

Q. Can I Stream Information, Like RSS or Twitter Feeds, Weather, or Time?

A. No. Templates2Go is a solution for a "plug & play", USB-driven media player. In general, these types of players are not usually connected to a network, so they cannot display "real time" information.

Q. How Quickly Can I Start Using the Templates?

A. As soon as you have created an account you can copy a template into your account, modify it to your needs, save and use it right away!

Q. What are Templates2Go’s system requirements?

A. For optimum performance, please ensure you are using IE 9+, Chrome 10+, or Firefox 3.6+.

Q. How Many Universal Templates Can I Copy To My Account?

A. There is no limit to the number of universal templates you can copy to your account. Use as many as you’d like!


Q. How Do I Play My Template On Screen?

A. After you are finished making changes to your templates, click ‘Save & Export for USB/Flash Media’. The file will download to your computer, then simply save it to your USB and plug into your sign player.

Q: What Resolutions Does The Template Editor Support?

A: The template editor supports any resolution up to 1920 x 1080. There are various preset resolutions, including 1080p, 720p, 1366x768 & 1024x768 to name a few. Free, pre-designed templates are created in the highest, 1920x1080 resolution and will easily scale down for any screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen). The templates will work for other aspect ratios, including 4:3, but may look distorted.

Q. I Like The Template I Copied Into My Account, But I Want To Change More About The Template, Can I Do This?

A. Templates2Go was built with two available modes. The default mode is ‘Simple Mode’, which allows users to edit specific zones that have been designated as "Easy Edit". The ‘Advanced Mode’ is used to show additional editable areas (often images on the template, or background zones) In ‘Advanced Mode’ users can also add their own new zones, copy and paste existing zones, delete zones and more.

Q. How Do I Get To ‘Advanced Mode’?

A. Once in the template editor, simply click the ‘Advanced Mode’ icon, at the top toolbar, between ‘Save’ and ‘Close’. To return to ‘Simple Mode’, click the ‘Simple Mode’ icon, next to the ‘Close’ button.

Q. My Zone Has A Check Mark Next To ‘Locked’. What Does This Mean?

A. The ‘Locked’ designation has been added for ease of editing. This means that the size and position (x,y coordinates) of your zone is locked in place. This is helpful when making templates with many zones that need to line up with each other. Simply uncheck this box if you need to change the size or position of your zone.

Q. My Zone Has A Check mark Next To ‘Easy Edit Area’. What Does This Mean?

A. Checking ‘Easy Edit Area’ designates the zone as a ‘Simple Mode’ zone. This zone will show in Simple Mode. Any zone that does not have a check mark next to ‘Easy Edit Area’ will not be viewable in ‘Simple Mode’.

Any other questions or inquiries feel free to contact us via email.